2020 Parent Packet

2020 Parent Packet


2020 Parent Packet

2020 Parent Packet

2020 Parent Packet

Parents, you can access pictures at If you lost or didn’t receive a password, e-mail:


2020 Parent Pack

Thank you for registering your camper for the 2020 Summer string academy.

Below is a the packet you will or have received for your camper. You may also download the packet. We'll see you soon!

Dear Parent and Camper:


Welcome to our 6th year of Summer String Academy at Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center! We're thrilled that you've decided to join us for an amazing week of summer camp filled with music, friends, and fun camp activities! Summer String Academy (SSA) features camp experiences such as field games, zip line, climbing tower, and water activities; combined with musical opportunities through rehearsal, small groups, sectional coaching, a choice of folk styles, and theory. We are focused on taking your student to the next level of playing. Our Music Coordinators and orchestra teachers, Christi and Chase Chang, work hard all year to bring you professional musicians and a stellar program.


I hope you're ready for a week of learning and fun in our beautiful natural setting! If you're new to our camp, you are welcome to call our office to schedule a visit before SSA begins! As always, you can call our office or e-mail for more information on this camp and our other summer programs.



Ian Ridpath

Summer Camp Coordinator



Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center

16170 Manastash Rd

Ellensburg, WA 98926


509.962.6414 (fax)




Please note that Summer String Academy is a secular camp. There are no religious activities from Summer String Academy staff. We thank Camp Director, Dave Burfeind, and the United Methodist Church for providing us with the venue and means for an outstanding orchestra camp.






Check-in for Summer String Academy at Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center will be held between 3:00 – 4:00 pm on Sunday, July 26th, 2020. Please be prompt but do not arrive early. Check-in will take place across from our office at Trading Post. Please park in the main parking lot. Check-in consists of the following:


·       Confirming registration with guardian and camper, confirming pick up person and taking care of any remaining balances.

·       Setting up store account (if interested)

·       Checking in with the Health Care Provider. NOTE: Every camper must check in with the health care provider whether or not they have medications to check-in.

·       When campers arrive at the camp, one of the music teachers will listen to their audition. Snippets for the audition will be emailed to the camper about a month before the camp. This will only be a 2-3 minute audition. It is designed only to place each camper in the orchestra that will ensure the best learning environment for the week, not for seating in the orchestra. Please have prepare as much (or as little) of the audition as you can successfully. If they cannot play all the snippets successfully, that is fine.



Check-out will begin after the concert at approximately 10:45 am on Friday. You are invited to attend the concert, but please arrive no earlier than 9:30 am. The concert will begin at 10:00 am. Check-out will occur in the lower field, near the camp store. Check-out consists of the following:


·       Gathering all belongings!

·       Every camper must check out with their designated small group counselor with their pick up person. The counselor will ask for ID and will have this person sign their check out sheet.

·       Collecting any leftover store money.

·       Collecting any medications

·       Checking lost and found

·       Checking out at the exit in your vehicle. Our staff will record License plate number and ask for ID again.

* Arrive no later than 10:30 am to pick up for check-out!




For those who have signed up for the bus transportation option, please review the following information:

1.       Drop off and pick up for bussing will be at the following location:


              Bellevue High School

              10416 SE Wolverine Way

              Bellevue, WA 98004


We will be parked up the hill by the front entrance – in the roundabout.


2.       Please arrive at Bellevue High School on Sunday, July 26th by 12:30 pm. We will load upon arrival and depart by 1:00 pm.


3.       Please be on time – but if you’re running late, call our office at 509-962-2780 and your message will be relayed to the Lazy F designee.


4.       Parents or legal guardians are expected to meet the bus with their student(s) to complete the health check with our designated staff before departing for camp. Please also confirm your contact phone numbers at this time. You must do this health check before you leave your camper.


5.       Please make sure your camper has all their belongings, including clothing, bedding, instrument, and music stand (see Packing List).


6.       The bus will leave camp on closing day, July 31, 2020 at 11:00 am after the concert. Campers receiving bus transportation back will also receive a sack lunch to eat on the trip home. They plan to arrive back at Bellevue High School at the same drop off location at 1:00 pm. Please be on time! If we run into extra traffic or delays, we will make every effort to contact parents en route. Please make sure your phones are available during this transit time, and that we have the correct numbers for you.



All camp balances are due June 30th, 2020. Please pay balances online or submit a check directly to Lazy F Camp at the following address:


              Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center

              16170 Manastash Rd

              Ellensburg, WA 98926


Make sure you mail or bring all necessary forms to check-in for your camper’s camp week. This includes the Registration Form and Challenge Course Waiver. To those who registered online: we will have filled out forms during the registration process.



The Camp Store will be open for campers throughout the week and includes the following items: snacks and drinks ($1 each), apparel (shirts, hats, sweatshirts ranging $12 – $35), water bottles, stuffed animals, etc. You can set up a store account during check-in. This allows the money to stay out of the cabins, where it can get misplaced.




If you ever need to get a message to your campers – we will make it happen. On the opposite side, in the event we need to get in touch with you or a contact that you designate – please make sure our information is accurate and up to date. Parents will be notified in the event of an emergency, including medical emergency and serious accidents, missing persons, evacuation, fire, or other natural disaster.




In the event that your camper’s instrument breaks, we will work with you and attempt to reach out to a repair store on the west side of the mountains to get a different instrument into the camper’s hand. This is a courtesy that we will attempt so the camper can participate. However, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to replace your student’s instrument for the week. Situations around damaged instruments are unique, so we will communicate with the parents each step of the way. The camper’s family is ultimately responsible to make sure the camper has an adequate instrument for the week.






In the event of a family emergency, please call our office and we will make sure your camper receives any emergency communication. In the event of lost or missing persons, evacuation, fire, or other natural disaster, parents will be notified. For a medical emergency, serious incident, or illness at camp, we will make every effort to call you. Please make sure our numbers for you and any emergency contacts are correct and up-to-date. In the event that out-of-camp health care is utilized, the camp will provide you with a written summary, including information such as:


·       Nature of illness or health concern

·       Name, address and telephone number of provider

·       Diagnosis and prognosis of the provider

·       Description of health care given by the camp staff

·       Recommendations for follow-up care at home.


Normally we will not contact you for routine health care problems, (i.e., skinned knees, insect bites, upset stomach, etc.) that are not severe or do not require the additional attention of an out-of-camp health care provider. In these instances, the Standing Orders of the camp physician will be followed. Please contact us if you require a practice different from what is described above.


A NOTE ON ILLNESSES: Please call us if your child is contagious and cannot come to camp on check-in day. We will gladly accept them at camp a day late once they can no longer transfer their illness.



We take the administration of medications very seriously at camp. Here are some things to make sure you have when you come to check-in:


·       All prescription medications in original containers with written directions for dispersal from prescribing physician (We cannot vary from doctor’s orders).

·       Only the amount needed for camp plus a few extras

·       All other non-prescription medications, ointments, and vitamins in original containers with signed instructions for dispersal from the camper’s parents or guardians.

·       ALL MEDICATION must be turned into our health care provider at check-in!





Camp is a place for face-to-face communication! Please leave all phones, ipads, tablets, cameras, game players, etc. at home. Any electronic devices accidentally brought we’ll ask parents to keep for the camp week.





All campers should dress in modest, camp-appropriate attire that does not depict the following: violence, gangs, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or pictured or written sexual references. All bathing suits for water activities should adequately cover and campers should be able to run, jump, and play without them coming off. Please do not bring the following:


·       Tank top undershirts

·       Spaghetti-strap tank tops

·       Sheer fabrics that show undergarments

·       Pants that sag below the hip bone

·       Short shorts (shorts must have at least 3” inseam)

·       Shirts that show the midriff




Here’s a list of things every camper will want to bring for their week at camp:


·       Instrument and music stand

·       Long pants (at least 2 pair)

·       Shorts (at least 2 pair)

·       Warm jacket

·       Sweatshirts (2)

·       T-shirts (1 per day)

·       Socks and underwear (1 per day)

·       Swimsuit (see dress code)

·       2 pairs tennis shoes (1 sturdy for hiking)

·       Sandals with heal strap for going in the creek (NOT flip flops)

·       Sun screen

·       Rub on insect repellent

·       Medications

·       Backpack (recommended)

·       Sleeping bag

·       Pillow

·       Single set sheets (for warm nights)

·       2 towels

·       Toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste)

·       Hair ties for long hair

·       Water bottle

·       Journal, paper, or letters (if desired)




·       Personal sports equipment

·       Food, gum, candy

·       Cameras, phones, or electronics

·       Valuables

·       Weapons, knives, or guns

·       Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, drugs

·       Pets



Camp can be a wonderful experience for campers, and many return year after year and think of Lazy F as a second home. In order to provide the best experience for your camper that we can, there are a few things that you, as parents, can help us with.


1.       Please encourage your campers to set realistic expectations for the week – making new friends, trying new activities, and learning new things are all part of camp and we hope that campers come ready and open to new experiences.

2.       Please let your camper(s) know that we expect everyone (campers, staff, and volunteers) to respect others, themselves, and the environment while at camp. We do not tolerate bullying and intentional endangerment. Both are grounds for dismissal. Parents will be notified if any unacceptable behaviors occur at camp.

3.       Please inform our office of any out-of-the-ordinary behaviors we might see from your camper and share any tips or strategies that you’ve noticed work well. We recognize that you know your camper better than anyone and we’d love to use strategies at camp that help your camper be as successful at home as they can be at camp!





Letters! While sending and receiving letters outside of camp is a dying art form; this isn’t true at camp! Parents can send letters throughout the week or bring letters for their camper at check-in. If you bring or send letters, please include the following in the address:


1.       Camper Name and Camp Name

2.       Order in which you’d like them given out.


You can also send e-mails to your camper at

Please include your Camper and Camp Name in the subject line. We only print emails once per day.


If you’d like your camper to write letters home, please send them with pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes and paper, to increase your chances of them writing you!


PHONE CALLS: You are welcome to call to check-in on your child – we will check in with their counselor and get back to you, but campers are not allowed to call home. Why? Every summer camp director everywhere knows that if you take a perfectly happy summer camper and let them call home, they will instantly miss you and home. We, of course, make exceptions in emergency situations.




Please call our office with any questions, concerns, or information before, during, or after your camper’s the summer, answering messages might take us a little longer. We thank you in advance for your patience.


For further information about our camp’s accommodations, meals, or programs, please visit us online at




We have a full time Summer Media Manager. This person will provide a plethora of pictures and videos of your campers experience during the week, which you will be able to view and download as soon as your camp is over.


Our Media Manager will be active on all of our social media accounts, giving you unprecedented glimpses into life at Lazy F.  We will try to get a variety of campers in the pictures we post, but cannot guarantee you see your child in a posting each day.


We have heard your feedback and have made some changes to make sure you feel more connected to Lazy F and your camp experience, before, during and after your camp, than ever before!!

Make sure to follow all of our social media channels now!











I-90 east to Thorp Exit #101

Turn right (or south) at the top of off-ramp

Go 1.9 miles; turn right at Cove Rd.

Go 4.3 miles; turn right at Manastash Rd. (second stop sign)

Go 6.2 miles up the canyon to camp




Hwy 97 South to Perkins Restaurant in Ellensburg

Turn right

Go 0.4 miles; turn left at KOA onto Thorp Hwy

Go 0.3 miles; turn left at Hanson Rd.

Go 2.8 miles; turn left at Cove Rd.

Go 1 mile; turn right at Manastash Rd.

Go 6.2 miles up the canyon




I-90 West

Exit #109 (Canyon Rd.) – turn right

Turn left at Umptanum Rd. (first light, at Subway)

Go 1.6 mile; turn right at Manastash Rd.

(Daman school will be on your right)

Go 10 miles to camp




I-82 North to I-90 West

Exit #109 (Canyon Rd.) – turn right

Turn left at Umptanum Rd. (first light, at Subway)

Go 1.6 mile; turn right at Manastash Rd.

(Daman school will be on your right)

Go 10 miles to camp